Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Terry Pratchett diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease

As some of you may have heard, one of our finest and most prolific fantasy authors has been diagnosed with a rare, early form of Alzheimer's disease. It would be terrible to lose such a sharp and funny mind so soon. When it was announced that her had been diagnosed, Mr. Practchett donated $1 million for research into a cure. Sure, it is an act of self preservation, but if they find a cure due to his donation than it will help lots of folks. The fan and pro sci-fi community has decided to try and match Mr. Pratchett's generous gift. For information or to donate, go to the following link.


I suggest giving $1 for every guffaw his work has given you. Snickers, snorts, smiles could be counted on a sliding scale.

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