Thursday, March 13, 2008


Grendel, my bearded dragon, passed away peacefully about a month ago. I am now officially not a pet owner. Grendel was a great reptile...but still a reptile. He was a cool pet and I have to admit that it was fun to tell people that I had an 18-inch lizard living in my house. However, petly affection is not a speciality of reptiles. I think that he is the last non-mammal pet I will have, unless I choose a bird. I guess I need an endothermic pet in order to feel truely fulfilled with pet ownership.

I guess that living with a 21 month old child is a bit like having a pet money, but I think that is all of the responsibility I am ready to shoulder right now. Oh course, Shelly and I have discussed getting a dog, but we want to wait until Thomas is ready to appreciate the whole 'boy and his dog' experience. I want a Boxer and Shelly wants something cute. I guess that is something we can deal with when we feel that Thomas is ready. Until then I just have to steal "pet snuggles" from relatives' furry best friends.

Well, I wish Grendel the best in his reptilian afterlife, filled with platters of gut-loaded crickets and waxworms served to him by sleek, female bearded dragons.

Grendel, Rest In Peace


Scott said...

What about fish? They are less pets than moving art but still. We had two hermit crabs, one after the other. The emphasis is on the word 'had'. Somehow, the environment in our house is not suitable for crabs. Dunno. We'll probably get another dog in the next year to 18 months. Looking forward to it.

Sallie said...

Doug -- So sorry about your, uhm, friend. May he rest in peace!

Love and hugs to all,