Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Space Pants

Bizarro! I wonder if back in the 70s they thought that in the future we would all wear pants made up of giant, grey sausages. On another note, the term sauna I equate with the term moist. Ewww. You know, I think they actually wore these pants in the Star Wars holiday special.

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day

Edible Dirt reminded to to wish you all a happy and safe Labor Day.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swedish Lake Monster Caught On Film?

It was reported on Cryptomundo that a lake monster is Sweden may have been caught on film. I hope they release pictures soon.

Phil Jackson: Who is the Best Athlete?

In a speech at his Alma Mater, Uber-coach Phil Jackson stated that the best athlete he ever coached was none other than Dennis Rodman. Holy smoke, not Michael Jordan? Not Kobe Bryant? Not Shaq? Not Scotty Pippin? Yep, Dennis Rodman...let your freak flag fly. Say what you want about the guy, but it cannot be denied that he was all heart. No brains, no sense, but a whole lotta passion.

Preacher Killed on HBO

Gotcha with that headline, right? Well, I am referring to the HBO adaptation of the popular and very controversial comic book Preacher. Geeks of Doom reported that the series was axed by new management. I am bummed that I'll never get to see Garth Ennis' nitro-fueled fantasy come to life on the little screen.

Unfortunate Olympic Moments

Is this the reverse-turd stranglehold? Never mind, I don't even want to know.

Bigfoot Humor

Pimp My Corpse

Angel Pantoja Medina decided that he wanted to stand up at his own wake. That's right, the last wish of Medina, 24, who was found dead on Aug. 15, 2008 underneath a bridge, was embalmed for the occasion. Creepy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Front Fell Off

A joke interview from Aussie TV.

Fortune Cookie?

It is amazing how we innovate everything here in America...even if we don't give ourselves credit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Africa: A Continent in Crisis

I recently watched the video below about Africa's current problems and it's possible future. In my opinion George Ayittey is amazing. He offers solutions to Africa's problems because he is willing to unflinchingly acknowledge what they are. I am very interested in learning more about his organization; the Free Africa Foundation.

A Far Side Moment of Zen

Consider this a nostalgic hello to an old friend I haven't seen in a while. Why did Gary Larson ever retire?

MMORPG Meets Reality

Spider Pig, Spider Pig; Does Whatever a Spider Pig Does

They Need Brawndo - It has Electrolytes

If you have seen the movie Idiocracy (which I recommend), then this is funny.

Prehistoric Pez

Back and Forth to the Future?

Did I spot a movie tie-in in the new Death Race movie?

Realistic Vegas Advertisement

The Joust Vault

Now, this is an olympic event worth watching.

Uber Cat

Recently a cat with four ears was discovered. The mutant cat is now able to ignore humans twice as effectively.

Jabba the Hutt's Sweet Revenge

Han Solo as a cake, ha! I want one on my birthday.

Nick Fury vs. Star Wars

It is amazing to me how similar some of the Marvel Comics characters look. As a kid I wondered if Reed Richards and Nick Fury were brothers. Well, now it looks like one of their ancestors lived in the Star Wars universe...a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Need a Dose

Air Guitar Championship

Oh, wonderful. An American has won the world air guitar championship. Great, now we can claim to be the best at another totally useless activity. I am so proud.

Lady Logic

As much as I hate to admit it, it is tough to argue with it.

Extreme Sports Taken To A Whole New Level

A whole new level of stupidity. I guess you had better have your tongue planted firmly in your cheek to enjoy this sport. They claim that it is serious, but I can't see how. I'll just have to report them to the Ministry of Laundry Abuse.

Information Density

I need to try this at one of my meetings.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lego Geeks

I love these lego costumes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wireless Power is Coming

Intel cuts electric cords with wireless power system: Intel demonstrated a wireless power system by lighting a lamp without a power cord using magnetic fields. Pretty soon we will not need batteries in our portable appliances.


Great Anatomy Posters

Check out these great spoof anatomy posters by the artist Tom Giesler.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

15 Places All Children Should See

This slide show is great. It suggests 15 places that every child should see. I have seen 10 of the 15, so I guess I barely pass with a 66%. Hacked??

I couldn't believe this ad placement. Can you see what is wrong?

Unfortunate Acronym

OMFG, what a blunder. People who are inexperienced on the Internet should not be in charge of a website. And, if you don't get the joke, I hope you are not in charge of a website.

Georgia Bigfoot a Hoax

As expected, the Georgia Bigfoot was a hoax. It turned out to be a prank gone out of hand. Apparently it was a costume stuffed with roadkill and butcher scraps.

Amazing Fish Photos

I had no idea that sailfish congregated like this. WOW!

Guitar Idiot

Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero

These must be the worst parents EVER!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Death Star Hotel

Plans are under way to build a Death Star shaped hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital city.


The Empire in San Francisco

The Burly Sports Show

This web show has all the sports news you need.

Happy Rebirthday To Me

Exactly one year ago I went into the hospital for surgery to fix an aortic aneurysm and another congenital defect. What was expected to be a quick surgery and recovery of only 2 weeks turned into 3 weeks of unconsciousness, 2 months in the hospital and another month spent recovering. Looking back on the past year, I must say that I am lucky and blessed. I feel like every day I live now I am stealing from the devil. I am happy to be alive and kicking, basically fully recovered.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McMain Staffer Disses Dungeons and Dragons Players

Michael Goldfarb blogged on the official McCain website and dissed all D&D players as pro-Obama. Think he needs to rethink this. I believe that he would be shocked at the percentage of D&D players who are or have been in the military. The specific quote is as follows:

It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman's memory of war from the comfort of mom's basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others.

I guess that Mr. Goldfarb failed his saving throw against stupidity.

Watchmen Movie in Jeopardy

The Watchmen movie is is jeopardy due to a lawsuit filed by Fox against Warner Brothers. Fox claims exclusive rights to develop a project based on the graphic novel. Details can be found here. If this gets derailed I am gonna be ticked off.

Instructables: Make Your Own Stuff

The Instructables website is a great source for eclectic DIY projects. It shows you how to make some really cool stuff.


Book of the Future

Check out this book about the future that was published in 1979. They got some things right. I love the illustrations. Why don't they do stuff like this anymore?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Funny 1970's Commercial


Unfortunate First Contact

Basketcase Comix has another good one.

Da Vinci's Secret Revealed

The Real Vegas

Applies to Mirror Universe Characters as Well

Retro Gaming War

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Warp Drive

Two professors at Baylor have (seemingly) figured out the physics of the warp drive. While they work on how to power the thing I am going to start packing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Now THAT Is Funny

I was listening to a local sports talk show this morning on the way to work and nearly drove off the road. The cause of this excess of mirth was a caller who referred to Vince Young as Radio, in reference to the Cuba Gooding character from the movie of the same name. It is my understanding that they had similar scores on the Wonderlic test as well. It came as no surprise that the caller was a Aggie. Don't be a hater. I still wish the Texans had drafted him.

Pryor Should Have Been Lando

Bigfoot's Press Release

Anti-Genius Spotted

I have no words.
wrong side of the pump

Underworld Prequel

A prequel to the two previous Underworld movies is scheduled for early 2009. I have not heard of this yet, but it sounds cool. It stars Rhona Mitra as Victor's straying daughter and Lucian is returning as her Lycan lover.

$1000 Useless iPhone App Removed

There was an iPhone application that did nothing, but cost $1000 available on the Apple application store. Okay, the app did not do nothing. It displayed a glowing red ruby on the screen...and that was it. Basically it turned an iPhone into an "I am a rich tool" identification badge. Well, after lots of blog-based derision, Apple has removed the application from its store, but not before the developer sold 8 copies.

NBC Web Series - Gemini Division

NBC will be premiering a new web-only series on August 18th called Gemini Division. Based on the preview I am interested...and it has nothing to do with the series star Rosario Dawson.

Tahiland Wins Gold In Woman's Weight Lifting

Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon won a gold medal in the Women's 48-53kg Weight Lifting competition. I bet she got that strong carrying around that name (31 characters long).