Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Rebirthday To Me

Exactly one year ago I went into the hospital for surgery to fix an aortic aneurysm and another congenital defect. What was expected to be a quick surgery and recovery of only 2 weeks turned into 3 weeks of unconsciousness, 2 months in the hospital and another month spent recovering. Looking back on the past year, I must say that I am lucky and blessed. I feel like every day I live now I am stealing from the devil. I am happy to be alive and kicking, basically fully recovered.


melredd said...

Thank the Lord Almighty you fully recovered Doug, and still going strong. Life wouldn't be the same without you!

Scott Parker said...

Glad you are still with us, my friend. Can't believe it's been a year. May you have many, many more.