Saturday, June 28, 2008

Read a Book BET PSA

CAUTION: May be OFFENSIVE to many!!
WARNING: Contains bad language and ethic slurs!!

This PSA was televised on BET, so don't complain to me about its content. I am merely pointing out its cultural significance. Judge for yourself.

On yahoo I found the following posts; classic!

Question: Read a Book PSA.?
What do you think about that PSA that was on BET? I have sence blocked the channel from my television.I viewed the completely volgur and offencive cartoon. It's No Reading Rainbow. This is supposidlly a PSA. This is not doing anyone a public service other that to make people realize how BET has succeded in playing a major part in the distruction of the black culture.The BET network is supposed to be a outlet to showcase our artistic talents in a positive light and to bring awareness to the happenings in our communities. It looks as if they are trying to dume down our youth and glamourize ignorence and violence. The BET network has dropped the ball and
thats no satire.

I agree that the BET PSA was kind of dumb, but...lots of things are. I think it's endemic to television, but I can see why you're upset.On the other hand, here is a list of things you spelled wrong in your question:sence, volgur, offencive, supposidlly, distruction, dume, glamourize, ignorence, thatsSo, maybe turning off the television and picking up a book isn't the worst idea for any of us, no matter what the impetus behind it is.

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