Monday, June 9, 2008

Driving Bell Curve - The Asshole Factor

Over 20 years of driving I decided to begin a statistical study of the relationship between the driving ability and vehicle cost of a large sample of drivers. This was based on casual observation and is in no way scientific. My hypothesis that there is a direct relationship between vehicle cost and driving ability. This can be observed in the bell curve below, with most drivers falling in the region of average driver combined with average vehicle cost. The curve also shows that drivers with cheap cars or expensive cars seem to suffer a marked decrease in their driving ability. This researcher suppose this is due to the "I don't give a shit" factor displayed in these drivers. And rental cars? Forget about it. Just get out of their way. My final conclusion is that we average drivers who have severe consequences for driving like assholes tend not to drive like assholes. Conversely, those who do not suffer dire monetary consequences for assholic driving tend to drive like assholes.

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