Thursday, October 16, 2008

The New Trek is Gonna Kick A$$!

Check out this picture of most of the cast of the new Star Trek movie. The only one not shown is Spock (Syler from Heroes). I have not benn this excipted about a Trek movie since Generations (which was mediocre). Just to be clear the characters shown are (from left to right) Chekov, Kirk, Scotty (background), Bones, Sulu (background) and Uhura.


tsolo888 said...

It looks to have huge potential. The only problem is, does this one count as an odd or even movie?

Doug Warren said...

It is an odd movie any way you slice it. Star Trek XI (11), the first movie with this cast, 7th trek movie with the TOS characters...but it has Sean and Syler. It's can't be bad!